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Stretchy Sling Wraps- what you might already know:

Many babies adore the security and safety of the wrap and will fall asleep quickly in them. For many parents, the stretchy wraps are the first slings they own, and for good reason.

I wore our son every day I was on maternity. I loved it. It gave me an immense sense of freedom in the early days whilst keeping us close.

I loved having him with me as I went about my day, I loved that that could be inside adventures or outdoor adventures.

I loved walking the dog with him when he was teeny tiny (I still love walking the dog with him now but it just involves a lot more jogging in multiple directions attempting to herd him and the dog in the same general direction).

I love what it did for my milk supply, and how it helped my heart heal when we stopped breastfeeding. I love the memories of carrying him in the wrap on the beach at sunrise, and carrying him in the wrap in the early hours when he was unsettled.

I loved seeing my husband carry him close in the wrap, and I love that my mom carried him in the wrap too when she visited.

I loved carrying him close when he was unwell, and I loved carrying him close when we suffered miscarriages. That strong sense of closeness never looses it magic.

Carrying your baby is a physiological activity. Its where they are most comfortable, and where we are most comfortable having them. Its a bonding experience, a calm down experience, a mutually beneficial experience.

Babywearing has been used for centuries in many cultures, originating in Africa but also seen in Japan, Mexico and India and I love that we are coming back to it. I love how empowering it is, how healing it can be.

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