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Read a bit about how Chiropractic has helped families 

Chiropractic care isn't all about back pain, headaches and cracking. Chiropractic care is about the connection between the brain and body and how the body can best express itself to adapt and overcome. Chiropractic allows the body to best express itself and to allow for optimal healing. Chiro isn't a treatment, its a lifestyle.


Kylie N.

"I've been to my fair share of Chiropractors in my life and for various reasons and I honestly have never had adjustments quiet like Rebecca delivers. The way Rebecca explains things and how she picked up on what was going inside my body was unmatched. Rebecca you are brilliant at what you do and my head is forever grateful for geting rid of that migraine. I know we still have more work to do but my body already feel feels like a new home and I'm loving residing in her again. THANK YOU!"

Tracey F.

"Fantastic service from my first adjustment and every contact since. Very professional yet extremely friendly. The results are amazing. I feel 10 years younger thanks to Rebecca. If you have back problems please please go. You will not regret it"

Lauren D.

"Since finding out I was pregnant with my second I have been coming in and it has really helped me through this pregnancy. I suffered a lot with my back with my first baby but since seeing the lovely Rebecca I have managed a lot better. I can't thank her enough"

Liam N.

Our little man is not hating tummy time today, dare I even say enjoying it? What a difference already. Thank you so much.

Bruno M.

I hurt myself in the final run up to my first big triathlon. I am so grateful I had Rebecca helping me through my training and my recovery. I managed to race with the help I received but what I am truly thankful for is the care I received post race that has allowed me to keep training for future competitions. Definitely making chiro apart of my training program has helped with my health and my performance. 

Jean F.

I have suffered with TMJ and vertigo for years and seeing Rebecca consistanly has given me freedom to enjoy sport and day-to-day activities again. My new found confidence in my balance has allowed me to travel for the first time in many years. 10/10 reccomend Rebecca's expertise. 

Sarah B.

I have suffered with MS/CFS for years and more recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I started walking and was building myself up to a 5km run and found I was getting very tired and my back was hurting amongst other issues. I had done some research about seeing a Chiropractor and learnt that they help with more than just back pain. I am so glad that I did start seeing Rebecca. She is brilliant and has genuinely changed my life. I have lost 3.5 stone, my diabetes is in remission I now run 3x per week and have taken up boogie bounce 3x per week. I now suffer with very little ME flair ups or fatigue and my core is so much stronger. I genuinely cannot recommend Rebecca enough. The care is worth every cent.

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